Hi everyone and welcome to my food blog! My name is Lori and I’m a recent graduate at The George Washington University double majoring in environmental studies and geography and minoring in geographical information systems. I’m a self-taught cook from New Jersey, but I currently reside in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

I have a love and passion for cooking! If I could do anything ALL day long, besides watching tv and sleeping, I would cook while listening to good feeling music, develop delicious recipes, and blog about food. But, since I can’t do all of that yet, I’m doing it on the side while trying to balance the rest of my life. I discovered my love for cooking when I was 6 while cooking alongside my Mom in a very small kitchen. She taught me all of the basic methods of cooking when I was young but it was really my addiction to the Food Network that encouraged me to experiment with my food. 

I feel like most people already have a “concept” about their food when they start blogging, such as vegetarian dishes, affordable meals, Italian cuisine, etc.  But I haven’t exactly reached that point yet, so I suppose my concept for this blog is really about cooking delicious and affordable meals that crosses all different types of cuisines and cultures. In addition, I strongly believe food should be delicious AND sustainable. Although, I’m a meat eater (I can’t say no to bacon no matter how hard I try), WE as consumers should try to eat locally, seasonally, humanely, and lower on the food chain as much as we possibly can. We need to start thinking where our food is coming from, is it from the fresh local farm a couple miles from home or a factory from across the nation?

With that said, I believe cooking and eating should be fun and to be done with good company and drinks! Let’s get cooking everyone!

Email: llui627@gmail.com


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